IMH EP 307

This week the In My House Techno Music Show features a musical rewind from the year 2015. 

Music playlists includes:

Model 500 | Shao (Tresor Records) | Rock-Steady Disco

Gerald Mitchell & Pierre Anthony (DEQ Magazine Release) | DJ Psycho (DTM)

Gari Romalis | Video by Rennie Foster (Vancouver)

Youcef Elaid (France) | Oud!n13 (France)

Simon Black | Pawas (Cologne) | DLA (Cologne)

Stanley Schmidt (Berlin) | Orlando Voorn (The Netherland)


In My House Techno Music Show continues to stay true to the mission....

"Where the TRUE stories are told and GREAT music is played!”

Contact: T. Carlita, Show Producer/Host



Phone: 313.516.9548

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