IMH EP 316_Walt J

This week features an "Out The House" Experience interview with producer, filmmaker, actor, and all around cool guy, Walt J. 

Walt J. has been a guest on the show during our first year and was the winning episode for the most watched episodes for the year 2014. 

A few months ago, we had a nice conversation about what he's been up to. 

Plus, I got a chance to experience his "Super Hero Sanctuary" and get a sneak peak at some upcoming releases. 

Plus, a few highlights and shout outs from a few from Movement Weekend online sessions. We all missed the Movement Festival over this Memorial Day weekend. The city was not the same, but we made it happen....because we already know...."Ain't NO Party Like a Detroit Party........(you can finish the rest).

Enjoy the show and please continue to be safe and practice social distancing. 

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